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Boxer Warns 3-year-old of Dangerous Snake

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Koda, a brindle Boxer from Henry Country, GA, is our most recent hero!

Last week while playing with his 3-years-old owner, Kade Boyd, Koda started to become very aggressive.

“The dog starts barking really loud, growling. As I come out, Kade says, ‘Mommy, the dog is being so mean, he won’t let me play on my bike.’ I look and the dog is getting in front, growling at Kade, running him off when he tries to get on the bike. So I go over and look and there’s a copperhead curled up by the tire,” said Lakin Boy, Kade’s mother.

Luckily and thanks to Koda, Kade’s mom could kill the snake before it did any harm despite the fact that it was just a few feet away from the young child.

There’s definitely a special bond between Koda and Kade. When the Boxer found the digressive snake his protective instincts kicked in.

“I was grateful after it was all over for the dog being there and seeing it all,” Boyd said. “They’re definitely bonded even if Kade falls down in the driveway and the dog’s in the fence, he’ll cry and claw to try to get out.”

“They’re best friends — that’s what Kade says. He’s his best dog friend,” said Lakin Boyd.

Kade’s mom says Koda is usually not aggressive, so she knew right away the behavior was not normal.

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