Stop a Boxer Dog From Pulling on a Leash

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Boxers love to explore and socialize with other dogs and people. But it can be challenging to train the boxer since they get easily distracted.

Boxers will require lots of praise as you try to train them right from wrong.

One of the easiest training techniques is avoiding your pet from pulling on the leash.

Train with consistency and give them loads of positive reinforcement during and after the process.

And Boxers do LOVE going for a walk… Look at the excitement of this Boxer:


  1. Get rid of distractions. Whenever you are training your boxer, ensure there are no other dogs or people near throughout the time you plan your training session.
  2. Put the thumb of your right hand through the loop of the leash at the end. Loop the leash half way and hold it with your right hand. Retain your dog at your left side as you hold the leash with your left hand near to your body. Use the word heel to start to move, commencing with your left foot. This will keep the boxer close to you and have more control in case he/she chooses to start pulling on the leash.
  3. Use your left hand as your guide. Walk straight and in circles to get your boxer accustomed to walking close to you. Making use of your left hand that is closest to your dog, move it forward whenever starting to walk and pull closer towards you as you begin to turn or stop.
  4. Give positive reinforcement. Give the boxer a treat if successful or employ words like “good boy/girl” or “very good” to motivate the dog to keep listening.
  5. Be consistent. Hold the leash the same way each time you walk your boxer. If you’re not consistent, your pet can get out of hand and start pulling on the leash. As boxers are curious dogs, they have a tendency to put their heads down and sniff. Grab their interest by make a sound, whistle, or by saying their name. This will help them remain focused as they walk.