Boxer Dogs And Cats

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Boxers are friendly and pleasant dogs. In case socialized appropriately, this breed is a delight to have close to children, and may go along well with other animals-even cats.

Nevertheless, without having socialization and training, a Boxer will intuitively run after smaller animals that he might view as “prey,” even if that animal happens to be the family cat.

Tips to ensure harmony

The next steps may help easy the introduction of Boxer and cat:

  • Keep control of your dog: If you let your dog to approach your cat, he may scare it. At first, hold your dog on your lap or place him in his crate just before letting your cat to approach him.
  • Let your cat to investigate: As soon as your dog is secured, either call your cat over, or let his normal curiosity lead him to your Boxer. Allow the cat approach the dog so that it can come to be familiar with the dog. Don’t hold your cat, because you might be scratched in case it attempts to escape.
  • Let your Boxer to sniff the cat: If you’re holding your Boxer, let him to sniff the cat. However ensure that he does not get too close. In case the cat gets frightened she may lash out and scratch him. Nevertheless, the majority of cats will swat a new dog with claws retracted. This is the cat’s way of giving a warning and exerting dominance over the dog.
  • This gesture should not be discouraged.
  • Ensure your cat has an escape path: Your cat should at all times have someplace to run – ideally a location where the dog cannot follow. If a cat feels trapped and scared it will almost certainly lash out at the dog. This may result in injury and create a bad start to their relationship.

Training your Boxer to go along with your cat takes persistence and consistency, and the sooner you start, the better. Repeat the introductions everyday for the first few weeks. Once you see your Boxer and cat turning out to be secure with one another, gradually let your dog to get closer to the cat. At some point, they should find a way to live happily under the same roof.