Boxer Dog 101

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A Boxer holds the record for he dog with the longest tongue… Just what you would expect from this fun loving breed!

“A Boxer is a 3 years old child. That’s it. They never grow past 3″ ~ Dr. Karen Halligen

When they’re happy, you really know it! You often see the Boxer with no tail… so when he wags he wags his whole rear end. And it’s really kind of fun thing to see” ~ Amy Shojai

Powerful built and exploding with energy the Boxer is a true athlete. So named for his distinctive ability to throw punches, he reigns as the middleweight champion in the world of working dogs.

The Boxer routes trace back to the now extinct German Bullenbeiser. The Boxer as we know it was unveil at the turn of the century starring in some of the first motion pictures ever created.

Today’s Boxers still love to entertain 🙂 “The last thing the breeder told us was that Boxers are like potatoes chips: you can’t have just one!” ~ Karen Luchini

Boxers are the 6th most registered breed with the AKC.

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