Biggest Issues of Owning a Boxer

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Once again we’ve surveyed our fans at our Facebook page and here’s what they answered when asked what the biggest issues of owning a boxing were:

“Slobber.” – Christopher Brooks

“Separation anxiety… They are such family dogs, they have to be your shadow.” – Heather Henderson Schneck

A musical tribute to boxers behaving badly! Brought to you by the friends, family and volunteers of Adopt a Boxer Rescue:

“Their separation anxiety… aka redecorating the house every time you leave in fear you’re never coming back LOL.” – Jenn McVicker

“Picky eater, skin and allergies problems, sheds and high energy.” – Lisa Friedman

“Channeling their energy.” – Carol Coleman

“The main problem with boxers is their health issues and breeders who don’t check for problems before breeding their dogs. I had two great boxers. One was white and deaf he was awesome smart loving and one of the greatest dogs I have ever had. I also have his brother another sweety. They both had cardiomyopathy and on top of that my one has degenerative myelopathy. We lost our white baby at the age of 6 as he also developed congestive heat failure. I would never give my baby up for anything. Its just sad that we lose them at an early age for irresponsible breeding.” – Marsha Ruby Schelsky

“They tend to have Hip problems. That’s the only thing that’s hard to deal with.” – Melissa Breeze Bolte

“My boxers love people but aren’t too fond of other dogs – would love to take them too the dog park to let them run around and play without them being aggressive towards other dogs.” – Hanne Wiik Brown

“I am so in love with my Halle! What is an indestructible toy I can get for her? Especially something for her to have in her kennel when we are away from the house. Although I realize that that may not be safe, she has chewed open her bed and consumed some of the foam (which is bad too!). She is eight months old.” – Kerry Montgomery

“Mine gets ear infections. I have to put drops her ears all the time.” – Joshua Stepp

“Cysts, tumors, and learning to keep 4 paws on ground!” – Deborah Stonehouse

“He does not generally play well with other dogs, disturbs other dogs while we are at the dog park, just wants them to run, run, RUN!!! And, can someone please tell me why Boxers have a difficult time fetching? I love my boxer boy. I wouldn’t have a different breed.” – Debbie Dailey

“Definitely cysts and tumors. Find out early if your boxer is dominant aggressive.” – Diane Yociss

“I have a timid little brindle and she was not properly socialized as a pup by her previous family. She is very insecure and as a result, I believe she tries to compensate by a showing of aggression, especially towards other dogs (she does better with smaller dogs, than dogs her size or larger). I know her and I know it’s just a show of bravado because she’s secretly scared, but other dog owners do not appreciate it and I cannot take her to dog parks or anything. She also FLIPS out when people come to the door. It doesn’t matter if it is male, female, adult, or child. I’m afraid she’s going to bust through the glass door sometimes! Inside the home, though, with her “pack” she is AWESOME – sweet, loving, gentle, tolerant, gets along with our other (small) dog and gets along exceptionally with our cat.” – Anna Ochs

“They eat lots of things. My son had to put his boxer down at the age of 4. She ate a towel which went into her intestines and caused a blockage. They operated. Two days later they had to put her to sleep. The towel had gone deeper into her intestines than they originally thought. It was a very sad situation.” – Linn L McFarland

“Mine has one cyst and she is aggressive with other dogs, not people. And she tends to throw up a lot. But other than that, she’s perfect.” – Carlos N Nancy Baez

“Separation anxiety to me is the worst… And their other issues: sensitive tummies, heart, prone to cancer… Why it’s essential for breeders to test for everything they can… Why it’s also important to research the breed before you get one!!!!” – Leese MaDostie

“I love my Layla and Regan the worst thing about them is the gas… lol. I know they are at risk for health problems but I would never change my decision to own boxers they are loving and great family dogs…I would have a boxer rescue if I had enough room.” – Crystal J Langmyer

“The only real issue we have with Roxie is that she is prone to hematomas… blood filled pockets in her ears. Other than that, she is the best dog ever!” – Beth Williams Bass

“Our biggest issue is food allergies! Beef a big NO! NO! Also sensitivity to grass causing paw and skin problems. We are very conscious to only use organic lawn care products. Always make sure they eat from raised food bowls to help avoid bloat. Even with a few issues BOXERS are the only breed for us! The most loyal, loving breed EVER!!” – Deb Roller

“Keeping up with the high energy. My boys require a good deal of exercise, but as long as we schedule in exercise they are fine. My white boxer has food allergies.” – Marleah Denkenberger

“SNORING!! Cassie wants to sleep in the room with us, but her snoring keeps me awake.” – Kia Pearson Matson

“Our beautiful clown like baby loves to destroy vegetation. He tore up 2 flower beds and killed 2 trees. We don’t even try to keep plants/ trees/ flowers anymore. And it’s ok because he’s worth it!” – Carla Smith

We may read more testimonials here!

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