Best Interactive Dog Puzzles

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As humans, dogs have to have stimulation to continue to keep their minds working and to stop them getting bored. So, if your dog is fed up of the same old ball and stick then it’s most likely time to try something new. Fortunately, you will find plenty of enjoyable dog puzzles and games on the market that make your doggie use his brain. Furthermore, dogs really like games and puzzles and joyfully take part in them. Therefore when you train, perhaps you should use what they already enjoy doing.

How do these dog puzzles work?

All these dog toys might be distinct but all of them have something in common: they each make your dog work to locate and reach the treats hidden inside. What’s particularly great about dog puzzles and games is that they’re extremely engaging. Dogs play with them more time than with average dog toys simply because not only is it fun, but the reward compensation is always there.

Is this type of puzzles suitable for all dogs?

All dog breeds of all ages will benefit from these interactive dog toys. Specially, puppies and old dogs will take advantage of some mental stimulation and a challenge that makes them work for a treat reward.

What should you look for in a puzzle for your dog?

Here are several aspects you should consider when looking for a interactive dog puzzle toy:


Look for games that only use the very best materials to guarantee that it is safe for your dog.

Easy to clean

These type of puzzles for dogs need to be easy to clean. Usually plastic games are very easy to clean, which is suggested for dogs that drool or are sick.

Rough and Intense Use

Wooden games are heavier and ideal to use for dog that are rough and intense

Level of Difficulty

You’ll find different levels of difficulty in these games and toys. Some are a bit less difficult and are great to start out with. Other games are a little more challenging, and some are more complex and are great to use for dogs that require additional mental stimulation.

So, for beginners, puppies, older dogs and dogs that are difficult to motivate choose a game low difficulty level game.

What are the benefits of dog puzzles?

These puzzles for dogs will certainly help:

1. exercise your dog’s body and mind.
2. prevent and reduce behavior problems.
3. prevent and reduce weight problems.
4. to build a better relationship between owner and pet.
5. learning commands, including sit, wait, watch and find.
6. prevent boredom.

Top 5 Interactive Dog Puzzles

#1 Kyjen Hide-A-Squirrel

The Hide-A-Squirrel presents a modern approach to playtime. The toy works as a reverse puzzle. Initially, hide out the squeaky squirrel pieces in the in the several openings in the plush tree trunk. After that, just relax and enjoy as dogs make use of their own problem solving abilities to collect them. Dogs really like to search, track, and catch the small “squeaky” victim. Toy inserts could be replaced repeatedly for unlimited amusement and fun!

Difficulty Level: Easy

Kyjen Hide-A-Squirrel

Get it at Amazon (from $10.47… there are several sizes available)

#2 Nina Ottosson Wooden Treat Fighter

Nina Ottosson Wooden Treat FighterThis well-known puzzle will certainly make your dog think. Treats are put underneath the wooden blocks, which your dog have to slide through the channel to be capable to take out. This interactive toy may be made more challenging with the inclusion of the 2 bigger pegs which may be utilized to block the channels. Your dog need to lift up the peg, retrieve a treat and after that move the block to the end of the channel to get the extra prize.

Difficulty Level: Medium

Here’s a video explaining how it works:

Get it at Amazon ($49.95)

#3 Nina Ottosson Plastic Dog Magic

Nina Ottosson Plastic Dog MagicNina Ottosson Dog Magic is a fairly simple interactive dog game where they need to shift bones to gain access to the concealed treats. You can decide to put treats underneath one, several or all of the bones to change the difficulty of the game. By changing the location of the treat you can encourage the dog to really concentrate and make use of his nose to look for hidden secrets.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Here’s a video explaining how it works:

Get it at Amazon ($19.95)

#4 Aikion Interactive Dog Bowl

In this game treats are concealed within the several compartments and are accessed by your dog as he or she opens the doors or rotates the central wheel. Letting you dog to practice his or her problem solving instincts with the Aikiou bowl is going to be fun for both you and your pet and might prevent undesirable behaviors.

Difficulty Level: Easy / Medium

Aikion Interactive Dog Bowl

Get it at Amazon ($23.47)

#5 Nina Ottosson Dog Twister

Nina Ottosson Dog TwisterThe Dog Twister is a demanding and enjoyable game for you and your active pet. You conceal the treats in the depressions underneath the blocks and your dog locates them by shifting one block after another in a circular direction. By securing the blocks with the bone pegs you may add more difficulty.

Difficulty Level: Medium / High

Here’s a video explaining how it works:

Get it at Amazon ($33.29)