Behavior in Boxer Dogs

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Boxers are popular for their warm natures and goofy smiles.

Boxers are, all in all, good, well-rounded dogs, however there are a few breed characteristics that may possibly unfit into your way of life.

Knowing before you adopt may save you a lot of headaches down the road.

Boxer dogs are truly clowns… Look at how this Boxer goes down the stairs… he surfs… 🙂


Boxers generally do nicely in households with children. They’re more robust than tiny toy breeds, which makes them less anxious around children, however they will not unintentionally overpower a small kid with their pure size such as a few larger dogs can. While parents generally attempt to educate their youngsters to respect the pet, incidents such as tail pulling are not likely to make a boxer snap.


Exercise is among the most crucial aspects of owning a boxer. Boxers need to have no less than a long walk daily, or they will relieve their energy in destructive ways. This is for the reason that boxers were mainly bred for work, that implies that they, as a breed, required to have the energy to keep on doing tasks the whole day. They continue to have this degree of energy, even in home environments where they’re not required to work, which means that this energy requires an outlet.


The boxer is a smart breed, and may easily learn new tricks. Considering that boxers were initially bred to be working dogs, they were required to learn what their owners required them to do. Boxers can learn to do both fun tricks (such as roll over) and useful ones (like stay). Boxers frequently don’t reply as well to shy owners, and favor firm commands.

Other Pets

Boxers usually do nicely with other pets. Although they will sometimes hassle cats or attempt to dominate other dogs in the family, they will, generally speaking, go along well with them. Boxers can hurt smaller animals such as rodents or pet birds and any small farm animals. Boxers can and frequently will attack these animals.


Boxers are excellent guard dogs. They are protective and faithful to their family, and are courageous in risky circumstances. They will frequently attempt to hold off an intruder till assistance is given. For this reason, the breed is frequently employed by the military and police.


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