4 Reasons To Get Health Pet Insurance

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In the present global financial climate people feel the need to make savings anywhere they can. Although the monthly cost is an important variable there are other considerations you should do regarding pet health insurance. Here are some reasons your Boxer should have an health insurance:

1. Can You Cover Expenses In Case Of a Sudden Illness?

Most people opt not to health insurance their pet because it’s just another monthly bill to add the pile of expenses. But the real question you should be asking yourself is if in case of a sudden illness, would you be able to come up with the money to save your Boxer’s life?

For example, while pet insurance may possibly cost $20 to $50 monthly, depending on numerous variables, a case of Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (Bloat) could very well cost as much as $7,500 to treat.

2. Is the Risk High?

As a pure breed, Boxers are more vulnerable to genetic health problems than mixed breed dogs.

Here’s a table with the Boxer’s risk profile:

Boxer's Illness Risk Profile

3. Do You Want Peace of Mind?

If you’ve have the financial means, to make the regular monthly payment, it might be worthwhile for the reassurance it offers. With insurance, you can make the most of the benefits of top quality care, protect against the unforeseen, and perhaps sleep a little bit better at night.

4. Will You Do Anything for Your Boxer?

Your Boxer is part of the family. Right? So, you probably should consider having them covered in case of an accident. If you and your family is the kind that could not bear to let your Boxer suffer at any cost or would fight a disease like cancer till the end, you’re a perfect candidate to have insurance.

Pet Insurance Reviews

The following table shows the overall customer satisfaction of the best rated pet insurance companies, measured by BBB, Pet Insurance Review and Yelp (based on reviews as of March 28th, 2013). To ensure it’s easy to compare it was used the A-F grading system.

Pet Insurance Reviews

Embrace Pet Insurance: The Best Option?

With no surprise Embrace got the better ratings. Aside from their policy of customer care and satisfaction, there are many more reasons why boxer parents choose Embrace for their dog’s insurance policy.

  • Customers are free to use any vet and do not have to stick with “in network” veterinary clinics.
  • Policies also cover genetic health conditions (a big issue with Boxers).
  • Outstanding customer service quality.
  • Claim refunds are made based on vet bills that are submitted rather than set amounts.
  • Customers can cater their pet’s policy to fit their pet’s needs and their financial budget.
  • Pets are protected for a lifetime with coverage of chronic health conditions.
  • Premiums don’t increase once claims are made.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Embrace is an environmentally friendly company.

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