Harley. The Love Of My Life!

[box style=’info’]This story was sent by Rebecca Rossiter from Boston, Massachusetts[/box]

I was living in North Carolina while going to college when I got my first boxer – Harley. THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!

He was just a little pup when this happened. It was dark outside and pouring rain… I brought him out to pee and he wiggled out of his collar and took off!!

Me, being a lazy college student, was in shorts and a tank with no shoes… um… and no bra! I took off after him but it was so dark I couldn’t see. I called for him, walked the entire neighborhood and could not find him anywhere. I was soaking wet and balling my eyes out. I didn’t know what to do so I started walking back to my house.

Neighbors down the street were having their annual “red carpet” party for the Grammy’s or some award show… tons of people going in and out of the house, decked out in ball gowns and suits, and they even had a “red carpet” rolled out to the street. The next guests were entering the house and I could have sworn I heard Harley bark.

Harley and Rebecca

Harley and Rebecca

I ran over to the house (remember… soaking wet, no bra, still crying… aka… a hot mess)… knock on their door… and ask if they have my dog. I look inside and there is Harley… in the middle of this party, rolling around playing… while I look like a lunatic in front of everyone. That was the last time I brought him out with no shoes or bra on… and I definitely paid more attention to his collar after that!!!

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  1. Lisa says

    I love the Then-and-Now pictures at the end. Apparently Harley is a party hound but thank goodness she found him.

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